Welcome to Bop About Dance!

Bop About Dance offers you or your children the opportunity to learn how to dance in a fun, relaxed environment. If your child is 1 year old, or you are 99 years old, there is something for you!

Sessions will be starting back in January 2018 and are currently taking a short break for Annette to go on Maternity Leave. She’ll be back and ready to bop very soon! For more information on the classes available, please do follow the links on this website and to register your interest for classes in January 2018, please complete the Contact Form.

Many Thanks!

Thank you for introducing our daughter to Ballet! We have REALLY enjoyed your classes and recommend Bop About Dance to everybody!

Mrs Walker

Ballet classes for children

Toddlers (aged 2+) get to dance with their parents/ carers in Stage 1 Pre-School Ballet. When children are a little more confident to have a go at dancing in class by themselves, there is Stage 2 Pre-School Ballet. For children waiting to go into school in 2017 there is  Stage 3 Pre-School Ballet and for those already in school there is the Stage 4 Ballet for children in Reception – Year 2. There are sessions in Bradford on Avon (Mondays and Fridays) and Staverton (Wednesdays).

Fun Dance for children

For children 4  years of age and upwards, there are Fun Dance classes where children get to learn dance routines to popular music.  There is Stage 2 Fun Dance for children in Reception/ Year 1 and  Stage 3 Fun Dance for those who are Year 2 and higher.  All Fun Dance sessions take place on a Thursday afternoon in Combe Down, Bath.

Ballet for Seniors

For those a little more advancing in years (!) there is Seniors Ballet. A gentle class to keep fit and work on core strength in a relaxed, sociable environment.


All classes are taught by Annette Wilsher who is a qualified Dance teacher (IDTA) and is qualified to teach in Primary and Secondary schools (QTS). To get in touch, please email bopaboutdance@gmail.com or complete the contact form here.

Mission Statement:

Bop About Dance classes aim to provide relaxed lessons where everyone is encouraged in a positive atmosphere. The emphasis is on enjoyment and creativity is celebrated.

Hope to dance with you soon!

Best Wishes, Annette 😀

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Toddler and Pre-School photographs were taken by Jessica of Red Rabbit Photography. http://www.redrabbitphotography.com Children’s Dance photographs were taken by Charlie  http://charliematters.com and Mervyn http://www.takingpictures.com