Dance Activities

For rainy days. poorly days, ‘I-need-5-minutes!’ days… Please find some activities below!

1. There are lots of lovely puzzles on this website:

They include this word search along with mazes, colouring and sudoku.


2. Colouring in pages! While a quick ‘Google search’ for dance themed colouring pages will bring up lots of great pictures, here are a few for starters!

3. I wrote a poem for one of my classes which you are welcome to use for your own children to add their own actions. If you have time to film your version of it, I would love to see it!

A little mouse was tucked up in bed
She was all curled up and resting her head

When it was morning, she did a big stretch!
She put on her shoes and her ballet dress

For her breakfast she nibbled some cheese!
Then put bows on her ears and brushed her teeth

It was time to go dancing with all of her friends,
To practise her twirls and her knee bends

She danced on her tip toes and skipped everywhere
She held her arms high and balanced with care

At the end of the day she went back to her house
To rest til tomorrow, the ballerina mouse!

Written by Annette Wilsher

4. Designing dancing costumes! With a template of a doll, what fabulous outfits could your child design for dancing in?!


5. What about watching a beautiful dance performance and then creating your own version of it to perform in front of a teddy audience or alternatively, get the teddies to do the dancing! For fans of Ballet, the trailer below is for ‘Swan Lake’ performed by the English National Ballet. Other youtube searches with ‘family friendly’ dances could be the group dances performed by the professional dancers on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ as a starting point for your own child’s dance creation!


I have previously written 2 articles for Bath Mums with more active ideas and these can be found here: